Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



I think a lot about kirbette kissing her gf and then transforming into that special outfit


idk they’re cute together

Based on that one kirby minigame where kirby and other people break blocks

“Hey do you need a hand?”

Bandana looked up to find her opponent stretching a hand to her. She was short and seemed to change out of costume, as she was wearing a pink dress with a rather poofy skirt.

“I-Im fine” she said as she got up. Re-adjusting her bandana as it almost fell off during her fall. “T-Thanks for the offer though” she smiled sheepishly and blushed.

The strange pink haired girl smiled back. Which only made bandana blush even more. God how was her smile so cute!? As bandana stood there, mesmerised by her smile, she said “I’m kirby, but you can call me kirb. who are you?”

Bandana quickly snapped out of her trance and panicked. She didnt really have a name, bandana was only a nickname given to her by the queen. “Um im…i-im” she stuttered. kirb tilted her head with an inquisitive but slightly worried expression on her face

“I-I’m…bandana?” She said. Kirb smiled again, making bandana blush again, “You’re really good.” “N-no im…the weakest” “still, you’re good to be participating in a contest like this”

h-how do i describe…kirbettes smile…its so cute… like kirby…


Raf grassetti is the only guy i trust making realistic nintendo characters cause look at this

Everybody drawing kirby realistically makes him demonic but not him. Hes done other characters and they’re all perfect


Hhhh… they really are just the cutest? Love it


thanks…i love them too they’re just cute


Look at him! Look at him hes realistic but still cute!


I imagine summer sumia to have a big floppy hat for some reason?


I just love chef kawasaki he’s just so perfect


Why are so many new people coming
To the forum


Who made this and why is it so high quality


Hey @XiaoMiaoMi i have an idea relating to the grima frederick thing

Here it is

After a long battle, Chrom seals away grima but sadly, killing frederick in the process. After learning that he has a daughter only 1 year older than lucina called rosalyn, he takes her in as a royal knight in training.

However he is plauged with guilt and can barely look at her without crumbling from it.


Rosalyn is also mentioned to have a mystical beauty and (for this concept) to have almost strikingly purple eyes


Ami, you get the new Feh update yet?


Yeah i did.


Dude, it’s pre awesome! Also, congrats on Camilla winning! Lol


yeah i wish they gave us dragonflowers.


Yeah, they should have given everyone 100 free of each dragonflower to start with, cause tbh the amount you get from the ordeals isn’t what it should be.


Hey @XiaoMiaoMi this may seem like an odd question and im sorry for disturbing you but

For a lunar new year stahl which would be a better dagger a jiaozi dumpling or a red packet?


lunar new year stahl, fireworks / firecrackers would be good! theyre meant to ward off enemies, so that symbolism is pretty tastey
between those two, id say dumpling is good, since red envelopes have money in them and it’s usually a lot of money ( + stahl loves food)