Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Why did you feel the need to tell everybody dk is a tankie he’s a funny monkey for trans rights


Catrias normal art makes me mildly uncomfortable like

Ma’am have you got pants on. Ma’am there are children here. Yes dragon children but still children. Ma’am.


Diddy kong bi pride flag for when you will put your life on the line for diddy kong and you are bi


I assume these are zelgius/hector and lene/tatinia?


Didn’t hector already get a Valentine’s Days form?

I’m assuming it’s for Valentine’s Day though.
It may be something else?


Happy chinese new year


Ok im sold


This banner is cute and i will spend all orbs on ike


I’m going to spend all my orbs on Soren.

Hopefully it won’t end up like that whole Robin thing.


Why is he an armoured unit though


walking down the wedding aisle with his about-to-be-married husband soren


You’re right…
I was about to say amour because sorens here


Ngl this is a brilliant banner…i love them all and ike finally gets…season



amoured units are the only way i will refer to them now


He’s in love with soren and they had a child that smells like beef


I would make valentines units but…h theres not one style and i dont wanna ruin anything


Im happy that ike and soren are here…





For a moment i thought hector wouldve gotten 2 alts


so yikes this topic is close to closing and i keep getting the same spirits on the smash board