Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



This video was a one hit ko for me


Give me a one hit ko video right now i watched various nyan cat videos


i just want to be one of those animals in somewhat old childrens books that talks with their other animal neighbours about recent events in a long and happy marriage with another animal husband/wife and to like sew or make or something while the youngins mess around outside


I voted for camilla both out of love and spite


sometimes dededeette gets extremely painful stomach pains


Inklings: woomy!

Ike: supurb you funky little inklings…


My favourite thing about kingdom hearts is the final fantasy esque tone mixed with disney


Woody is standing up to this edgy anime villian and i love it. Call it tonal whiplash but i think its so silly its funny


you fight a terrifying villain and donald duck is there, idk anything abt it but it’s just so funny to me


Woody told an edgy anime boy to get lost


I just love the silliness…woody stands up to an edgy boy of an antagonist and im dying


‘My guess is that noones ever loved you before’ OOF HAHA


I dont know but thats just so…funny to me woody just standing up to xehanort like that


i probably never will play kingdom hearts but from an outsider looking its just funny

Final fantasy disney


‘And thats nothing you’ll ever understand, because you’re hollower than any toy’ KAJSJSJSJSJSJSJ

petition to replace sora with woody


Also like…isnt this canon to toy story? Cause…thats just hilarious to me tbh


Theres this whole plot point about half of this guy inside of sora and its happening in the monsters inc universe




Why is there a video talking about smash bros characters political allignments


Who thought it was nessisary to tell people the political opinions of smash bros characters