Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Hhh thanks…

Ifl i should say…the middle bit is…her skin showing. Like her outfit i drew. Its less flowery and decorative like the other azura outfits because tbh i cant draw the flowers

My regret is the paper ripping… but thats not visibly


Azura and donkette duet. Donkette adopts azura as an aunt and tries her best to make sure she’s ok


I vaugely remember school of rock but i remember it was good


Dw i have 2 camillas and fredericks just carrying her pouch for her




Veronica gets mike wazowskied


… incredible


So the superbowl promised sweet victory(?) but didnt and played something worse

Why would they be like this stephen was a brilliant man


While fairly odd parents was kiiiiinda important to me it was kinda like…the second most important show to spongebob


Camilla takes frederick to a hot spring to relax and finds out he cant


so what do you think of this shive?


Even south park kawasaki?


If you dont instinctually preform the cha cha slide when this song plays idk what to say


Diddette hides in the bathroom with bowsette jr and they both just play smash bros as they dont know what to do


Somehow forbidden college karaoke smash bros is my favourite au


N-new year marette.



Why would you summon all of my repressed memories regarding this franchise from the depths of my mind like that.


because i like em chunky


This video was a one hit ko for me