Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



like this? or for the young azura


I meant like that white fabric bit that goes down her hair.


Cause im doing that thing with the weird other world azura dream but with donkette diddette and funkette because spirits

They’re older azura’s confidants and assumptions on what corrin told her about them.


So who did you vote for cyl3? And theres a new mini game called find and vote or something and you find little heroes on a screen and then if you find alfonse sharena and anna next in under 180 seconds the vote is doubled

Im doing bride charlotte because feh you unquenchable wench bring me my mony maiden


I thought it would be neat if funkette’s bandana was like if she took azura’s white fabric headdress thingy and made it a bandana


I gladly accept our alt overlord camilla fire emblem


Which fe cover should i funkify next?


Feh you foul fowl release my wife camilla from the shadow realm at once


Y’know what? Dark brown and black hair is very pretty how isnt it complimented?


tbh i was so mad at lyn getting a 5th alt that i just dont care about how many other characters have alts


Also people get…compliments on their eyes?


ik i said that stuff about sacred stones units but i dont mind eirika having 4 alts i just think other series should have some representation

Like thracias kid units


One of the radiant dawn characters has the same name as my mum and it makes me feel weird


Azuras outfit is sure an outfit. Hard to draw


Also like these dream kongettes have slightly different personalities except diddette

Azura heard that donkette has a strong bond with diddette and wants to protect her at all costs she kinda like…made this dream diddette have the same personality as young azura?
Now i just wanna write donkette meeting azura they both have good singing voices


Oh god i ripped the paper


Six word horror story


Corrin: outside of battles i usually see donkette with someone called diddette. From what i heard from others they’re very close and donkette would be willing to risk her life for her

Azura: i wish that was me


Azura: i never really had a very good childhood…everybody picked on me when i was little and my mother had no interest in me. I even thought about death…


Donkette: you are now my niece


Heres…azura donkette.

Im trying my best i really am