Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Theres a…raw energy that eminates from funky kong.


H-hey guys quick question what feeling does this image make you feel


I feel vaguely threatened




He looks like he could easily kill me and knows it




If i picked a fight with a god i dont think i’ll survive



Guess who I got!


\ (*v *)/


Cool i never knew you like joker!


I didn’t even know he existed until his announcement for smash brothers.

But his personality is amazing. Luci might just fall for him!


same. Im glad you like him and have his figma!


I spent some time on this and probably more than i should have spent




Do not apologize for art.


I’ve been getting into the adventure zone, by which I mean falling HARD into TAZ, by which I mean holy hell I am in deep. I thought it as lighthearted an de it is but when it picks up it picks up strong. I’m episode 65 right now and hanging on for dear life,


That sounds good

I dont think i’ll ever get into any thing from the brothers or any podcasts but im glad you’re happy.


I might write again as other people’s feedback on it is why i wrote


D-does anyone know what it looks like for a fabric like azuras weird headdress thing look tied around the head


i pick a fight with god every single day when i open my eyes in the morning i believe you can do it


like this? or for the young azura