Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



inserts “Amiibotrash is super cool” in the title


Thanks for the thought but plz dont


Big hat…




I think they’re running out of ideas.


power outage (it’s been COLD lately) @ my house knocked out the wifi and i couldnt charge any of my devices, im sorry for just disappearing for over a week


i’m doing alright and may i save the Kawasaki Reanimated Screenshot Reserve Index for future use


Dude dont apologise i understand! I missed you though and im glad you’re here!


kawasaki image reserve…which one do you think is a blessed image


I read an fe fanfic with ocs and i find it a funny coincidence that one of her frederick child ocs was called rose


Also yeah you can say frederick if you put a space between the filler of the < this trick thing >


Official kingdoms heart merch


To everyone who hates that doge meme with isabelle



Oh the polar vortex! I sure hope you’re ok i heard its really bad


When Brave Camilla Comes I Will Give Her The Embla Hair Accessory

If i get lucky and summon a brave alm i will give him the other Embla hair accessory because i am anti veronica fire emblem


If you can talk i’d really love to! I just really like talking about fe and other stuff with you


@BlackSeal can you please remove the ae was here tag?


They’re dead


Thanks dude