Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Hey buddy!i have a Question, is the dinosaur boy in shoes from Mario or is he a Pokémon you know who I’m talking about

this fella right here

this absolute mother focker what is he born from


Hes from yahoo super mario and he evades taxes


I gnew it.


Hey @XiaoMiaoMi you doing ok?




Hey @ChickenGirl

Why do they give not human things breats


Cowardice and heterosexuality



Remember girl bibble cause i do

Kind of


I could never forget girl bibble


Who could forget girl bibble

I watched only a few barbie movies but i remember the barking cat clearly and some mermaid movie that made me into mermaids


Also her dress and garter is uglee


@ChickenGirl whos your least favourite volt tron character i dislike pidge a lot


I didn’t like that Keith guy but I almost never think about voltron anymore so this was a hard question



The best
btw I haven’t been on in ages wth happened pls fill me in since last year jun


Thats valid i dislike pidge and i dont know why

Ig i will only accept 2 green nerds in my life and pidge is not one of them


Congrats to camilla for getting second place in cyl3 idk if i should pick alm or her.

But i’ll give them veronicas crown accessory anyway because i hate veronica fire emblem


Good news camilla got second place in cyl3! and she’s got her eye on a certain grey haired girl and her fancy pants hair accessory :)))


Im finally at peace with my halloween units now…


Witch girl has a Really Big Hat