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dude do NOT apologize for making angst writing. thats the tastey stuff right there


Aah thanks! Im going to try to improve the whole writing structure


i meant like theres 2 paragraphs and one is just like 2 paragraphs in a trenchcoat


mmm, , if you wanted to have it more organized, make a new paragraph each time someone new starts speaking. so when alm is talking again you don’t have to make a new paragraph but when lucius then starts you’d make another


Ah ok thanks dude!

Heres an odd one with celica and alm interpret their relationship whatever you want i like to think theyre a couple

nervously, alm shuffled into the living room where celica was stitting. She was reading what seemed to be a thick yellow book and she had reading glasses on. Celica always looked so cute with glasses on.

“Celica can i…well…can i…um…tell you about something?” he stuttered. His hands were not still as they shifted from the sides to together.

Celica looked up. “Oh! What do you need?” she said. Pulling her red hair from her face. hair as red as autumn leaves. Alm sighed and then sat down

“Its…kinda serious” he said. His eyes constantly diverted from her, unobjectively cute, face to the floor to the walls. She moved her head to the side. “Im all ears” she said.

Alm breathed in then sighed. “Ive…ive
Been diagnosed with als”

The look on her face changed. “A-als?” She muttered. Tears started to form in her eyes. Alm wanted to cry too.

“Unfortunately, yes. Als.” He could only say. “The doctor says he believe its possible i could live for a long time but-” he stopped. “But im not sure”. Celica wasnt going to hold back the floodgates anymore. “Celica-”

She thrust herself into his arms. Sobbing uncontrollably. He gently patted her on the back. To tell the truth, he was going to miss her. Though she has made some bad decisions, she was still a really good partner. So kind to everyone and so gentle in her pacifistic ways. She always tried to do her part for the world. Whether it was fundraising for charity or just simply releasing a spider rather than killing it

After a few minutes celica stopped crying and pulled herself out of alms arms. Her eyes were red around the edges. She sniffled and then said “alm…i-i dont know what to say.” She sniffled again. “Its just. So…so…” alm put a shoulder on her arm but shook his head. “I dont know what to say either.”

Alm shuffled over to her and they sat there. Holding hands. Appreciating that the other one exists. Just for a while. That while turned into minutes. Just until they felt ready to talk about…‘it’. And to spend possibly one of the last few moments together


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i usually dont see romantic stuff between alm and celica thats this tender. that shows them as friends who genuinely care for and about each other. oh man


Thanks so much dude. I never read any alm and celica fanfictions before so i didnt have any point of reference


me watching stahl get fury damage after realising i dont have a healer on my barracks team:




Whenever i see a cold take ending with ‘thank you for coming to my ted talk’




Do you ever just think about how popular pc indie titles are on the switch/consoles (undertale, bendy and the ink machine, fnaf) just to mentally flex on pc gamers


Wheres that gif where it was like…the lady gaga gif with her saying stuff like ‘brilliant, showstopping’ but like the opposite with inverted colours i only saw it once on a post about ‘unique fantasy’ being generic fantasy and nowhere else please tell me i need it to show my opinions


How can somone be so oblivious to the originial story that they write a fic about. burning the nifl family and annexing nifl under muspels rule with laevatein like dude i dont really like the nifl royal family either and im upset that larnyx has died (but fjorm is is still alive) but the story was about help nifl. Oh. Y’know. Not Get Invaded? That was a Major Plot Point?


I still prefer muspel but my apathy for nifl only comes from an underlying feeling of ‘then perish’ i have with most things but still


i like undertale for what it is but honestly i dont think i would full on get into it again even for the music bc my tastes have shifted from undertale music to donkey kong country cartoon music


Kirby: you played me like a fiddle!

Marx: fiddles are actually hard to play. I played you like the cheap kazoo you are


Seeing everyone scream over alfonse dying is slightly entertaining they’re all going through the various stages of grief at once except acceptance

I predict that sharena will give up her life for her brother