Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Uhh that bow’s effects mixes the firesweep effect and the uhh unable to double attack one as well


the only reason i would want to learn french

That and the french only dktv as well



dixette (? dixiette? diette?) going camping with diddette and donkette is the absolute DREAM


She’s rescuing their souls from hel and then they’re going camping


this looks like an mbti test. What Shape Is Your Brain, Parallelogram or Mandrill


Hopscotch shape descriptions


there are only 12 genders. square, rectangle, squished box, bar, co


sharena: do you know how to get rid of this dying curse? Please he’s going to die in 9 days

Dixie: yes i do! (Tenses her bow)


Tag urself I’m squished box


sharena: please he’s going to die!

Dixie: then perish


Tetris line


queen k rool: im going to drop diddette off of a cliff until you give me that coconut

Donkette: what the hell thats illegal

queen k rool: bold of you to assume i care about the law.


Captain paulette let her borrow the outfit (providing she doesnt completely ruin it) since they’re both short and small


ik hamiltons a musical but it still gives me an awkward feeling whenever i see like the founding fathers having fanart and stuff like…wh???


Like…i support your interest in this musical but dont forget…these guys had slaves

Idk i just find it weird when people make these guys (and by extention pwdep*e) ‘uwu soft boys’

i had this sorta thing in my head all day and getting it out feels like squeezing toothpaste out of an almost empty tube

Lucius looked at the chart he was holding. “Well according to the biopsy you took you are negative for muscular dystrophy…” he frowned. Alm looked up and nervously chuckled “hey thats a good thing…right?”. No reply. He sat in silence. Lucius sighed. “Alm…you have als”

He stared at the doctor in shock. “…A-als?” he croaked. He gulped back tears. “I know this sort of thing is a big shock to you. However you have no genes that cause als so how you got it is unknown.” alm said nothing. Als? he knew about it in snippets from 2014 and the recent death of notible induviduals with als but…he could not believe it was happening to him. He just wanted to cry. Lucius cleared his throat though looked at alm with a hint of empathy. “I understand this may be a big shock to you and how this may be upsetting but fortunately you can still have a good quality of life with the right treatment”. Alm looked down and hoarsely said “will i die?” “While you wont die quickly its true most individuals with als have shortened lifespans. But however its not the same for all individuals and lifespans vary from person to person” he looked at alm and gently smiled. “though the chance of people with als living for a longer time is rare, i believe its possible.” Alm returned the smile to not make lucius worry more


I quickly edited it is it good?


sorry if i sound pushy but please tell me what you think if you can. If you cant its fine


Also sorry for the giant paragraph


i think it’s definitely good, the emotion with alm and the way you expand their physical actions into emotions is :ok_hand: :ok_hand: