Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Ha ha.

Leo: you want me to wear this?

Me: yes.

Leo: alright, fine.

Me: *holds up cat ears *

Leo: NO.


Yeah reyson’s hot.

i like the wolf girl


What the hell hopscotch


The only project i make and its shipping these two

A Coding Club and Safe Place 🌈

This is very important


Wow ok


Thank you my hs profile is ifightformyfriends if you wanna support snow gfs


i wanna ask whoever wrote this if it was worth it


im trying to get away from hs in general but chillanna and queen ana seem like they would be cute together


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alright i have several questions


Super smash bros ultimate (2018)


Yeah she’s really cool.

Though I remember liking her servant more.
I hope he will be added sometime.


I just hate rejecting destiny as its just veronica hour/veronica week! Theres like 3 other heroes! Ik the first forging bonds ended with olivia saving the day but at least the other guys did something!


Uhhh adventurer dixie (dixieette?) and her bow


Queen Ana and Chillana
They’re both Anas
@chickengirl are you still taking requests


I guess yeah, why?


Can you draw them please?


Personally i like to think they’re the type of friends to play smash bros brawl with each other and play subspace emissary but they’re not like romantic with each other

But yeah eliwood and hector are close as well and hector is trying his best to help eliwood (and roy) through some tough times since ninian died (either when roy was born or recently)


Now he infringed on copyright


Diddette: hey uh do you feel ok you look like a robot

Donkette: what are you talking about i feel fine

Diddette: no you seriously look like a robot

Donkette: (looks at hands) oh yeah i do


Donkette: huh.