Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Ngl when he was being cursed to die this theme played in my head




You know who needs to be in smash bros? The one, the only, the canonical ette…peachette! And by extention toadette if a piranha plant is in smash bros then so can she


There it is…the super crown


Me: nino’s ok i dont really love her

(Nino kills one of my units)

Me: Nino is not protected under the constitution


Toadette is either a lesbian icon or a bisexual icon


Sharena: ah! you! Arent you bringing your family back to life?

Dixie: (smiling) yes

Sharena: can you pleeeeeease help us? My brother is dying

Dixie: (still smiling) no.


i need to show respect to peachette she started the bowsette trend


Also ngl i like toadette i just find her cute


So shive as a rd fan how are you enjoying the new forging bonds? I love the eyepatch accessory


i love how the forging bonds doesnt just focus on the summoner and we get more interactions between the characters and other characters? makes the new units feel a lot more alive! and hhhhhhhhgot i just. i love nailah

the accessories are really good this time around?? idk what to do about the heron clip but it looks pretty dang neat. i love the eyepatch too, way better than dancer’s mask


yeah i noticed a different shift and it makes them feel a bit more alive

the accessories are cute! Havent gotten the heron guy’s yet…h.


At the very least it doesnt focus on one character only (looking at you ‘rejecting destiny’ aka veronica hour)


Hhhh i wanna design eir a kimono i think many aespects of her design will translate well into one


image image image image image
Hhhh accessories + kagami mochi and antlers


also yeah are you still thirsting over niles cause halloween niles has arrived and i wanna know if you summoned some halloween units


Leanne’s art is a bit too…angelic for me at times. feels like im looking at an old christian oil painting


I’ve changed up my Leo’s accessory too.


Ik he looks good


I prefer Reyson.

He has more character in my eyes.
I totally see what you mean though.