Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



Donkey kong country returns dixie kong goes to hel to bring the other kongs back to life


Do you think that the book III theme eminates from thrasier and líf like how metal eminates from doom guy


I forgot rabbid kong existed when doing easter donkette and i also forgot the tie again


I mean starting with the original 8 in smash is a good idea but sinces theres 74 fighters in smash ultimate as a whole…yeah not really a good idea


Spring diddette.


I know little about street fighter but i can appreciate that chun li avenges her family and immediately goes back to her life like she just beat up like 10 dudes and she just goes back to her life like ‘haha sorry! Just had to do something”


i honestly just appreciate that chun li exists


I tried to make it look like donkette’s except less…yknow but i didnt know how to



spring diddette is somehow less fashionable but just as cute as donkette and the cap and ears im gonna die thats adorable


Thanks! I love the little whiskers personally


book lll featuring dixie kong from donkey kong country returns


well in later iterations, chun li works as an agent for interpol, like a police agent of sorts.


The red is a nice compliment to her hair, and I think the roses were a very nice touch as well. Roses seem very fitting for Laegjarn.


Yeah also the muspel decoration is a really nice touch


I prefer to think of chun li as an average girl who decided one day to just avenge her father and pretends she doesnt know the other guys because i sure dont know them


You have to ask yourself…

How did Feh become a healing staff for Múspell…?


he l p h i m


He is paying for his new year deal crimes


These laguz rulers are dead. The other guys we fought were alive but these guys? dead why would they be in hel


‘Prince alfonse. You will die’