Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



i love rd so ive been HHHHHHHH ever since the banner as announced? also naesala is a ghb unit and i am so. i am so owo


idk much about radiant dawn but the laguz are very interesting and the wolf (sorry forgot her name) just…n-nice


B-beast unit donkette she punches people


Donkette: i dont know why but i feel…exposed.

Diddette: you literally wear less than this 24/7


Does donkey kong count as a punch out character




hey uh little mac you ok there


Do you ever make your unwanted 3-4 star units hero manuals just to flex on them


Thank you priest genny
They’re right at least half or more of the people below have +10 limited or 5 star only units


Beating up isabelle in super smash bros ultimate is a catharsis for that 3ds mini game

oh screw you isabelle and your infinite piling of garbage


Someone: oh my god you are so gorgeous! You could break a barrel over my head, killing me instantly

Donkette: are you ok.


Camilla: there we go! Thats a brilliant colour on you by the way. Love how you look!

Donkette: thanks but…

Donkette: is the bunny tail necessary?

Camilla: :)

Donkette: c-camilla?


When will anna get an alt she has multiple versions of herself at this point she deserves an alt just for being iconic to the series


bayonetta…shooty kong


samus: what are you wearing

Bayonetta, wearing diddy kong’s hat: its called fashion sweetheart.


hey uhh did you know in a prototype of an uneeleased game called diddy kong pilot a character called redneck kong was on the select screen replacing candy kong and he looks like this
how come donkey kong has the most interesting history


Redneck kong


He doesnt exist some dude thought it would be a good ideap


Im doing easter diddette she breaks off pieces of the egg and throws it at people


if youre trying to do a melancholic vaporwave aesthetic then this could help