Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



If you call her a waifu then you have bad taste in shoes


Here she is if her hair is washed properly it curls up at the ends like…loose curls


oh yeah diddettes with her but with a more appropriate outfit for a 15-16 year old

she has an egg she’s trying not to crack because hey she’s strong too


I kinda wanna do a breakdown of these seasonal outfits im making up

Like this guy did

Excuse the squickiness if you’re familiar with the i couldnt find one without the unit with…certain implications

So uhhh if you want me to do one for any of the designs i will do so because this seems interesting to do



I’m so dang jealous


god i wish that were me


hard agree, i love all the flowers and unique patterns they put out!! last year the askran touches and all the lil fefates hints were cute, this year all the snowflakes are HHHOOH tastey



i would spend. real money. to get this in whatever game. i would spend money for a game that included this. the yellow is so cheery and the bunny ears are so cute and the cape-dress-tail-in-the-back-i-don’t-know-what-that’s-called reminds me of spcamilla but it works so so well on donkette???

edit 1:
was gonna send

donkette is the only fashion youtuber i trust


Yes, the snowflakes are probably my favorite part as well! I wish Ylgr was part of it, though.


i personally prefer laegjarn n laevatein’s presence in the banner/event bc they have more depth? in the story, at least, n yglr only appears as herself for a few textboxes (thanks loki)

yglr wearing her older sister’s very big yukata is still an incredibly soft concept tho , ,


While i do prefer the 2018 banner character wise i appreciate all the little touches these characters have on their outfits that reference their original outfits

Gunnthra is even making a lil snow feh!


Aaaa thanks so much! I love her so much as well! I tried to make that tail think look like the inside of a banana because y’know bananas.


Thanks for the contribution now theres a crispier new year hrid pic

Also congrats on the summon


Idk who these laguz guys are but they’re interesting!


Donkette as a fashion youtuber would be the type to get comments complimenting her muscles and saying they would die for her. She responds with ‘Hello! Please dont.’


Diddette: why did you let camilla sort out your hair but not peach or daisy?

Donkette: (subtly crying) fear


Alright fehmers lets pick apart this outfit