Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



I lost on someone’s stream and i feel shame

At least they were amused with my name of choice (funky kong) and king chonky is a brilliant name


The guys channel was called snake the absol and i only appear near the end when i join and when i fight. I only fought once



I can’t believe you’ve got him first.

And I still can’t get Christmas Robin at a six percent chance!


oof. I wish there was a trading option.since you adore him so much and im indifferent i just think its a waste.

Dw ill take care of him real nice for you


takumi and mythical diddette kinda recognise each other (spirits) and relate to having ponytails and losing someone they care about a lot


jack black voices kungfupanda (it wont let me put spaces because censoring), and he appears on some comedy shows and interviews. thats all i know about him. jack black is also just a generally funny guy? and he doesn’t have that whole “don’t associate me with kungfupanda uwu” actor gist, he wholeheartedly loves being recognized for it and man im happy for him having a channel


oh him! Yeah im kinda neutral but he seems like a p chill guy! I love him already.


thank you!!! im thinking of giving him even def wave + safeguard + fortress def/res (or steady stance 4?) but hhhhHHHH those are some rare skills , , , and i love kliff n silas a lot


Mythical diddette: so you’re telling me your ponytail doesnt act like an actual tail?

Takumi: w-what?


It doesnt matter he’s perfect just the way he is. Wait for some fodder then sacifice


(diddette’s ponytail picks up her juice box, and she takes a sip)


diddette: *sluuurrp*



takumi: im sorry you w



New weapon type just slap people with your hair


What scares you the most?

Festival Diddette: werewolves!

Ny diddette: sharks

Mythical diddette: the unstoppable marching of time that is slowly guiding us towards an inevitable death

Diddette: my mythical self


Diddette: (staring intently at Lissa) hmm…

Lissa: whats the matter

Diddette: you seem…familiar

(Insert video footage of the lissa spirit battle)


I love it!

The third one is totally something Judas would say.


Takumi: so you have…that…your aunt has superhuman strength and her ex can break the laws of physics?

Diddette: yep!


Takumi: ?


I love obvious plant


My version

Fluffy: sharks!

Shei: monsters!

Judas: the thought of never truly belonging in this cruel desolate planet. And that no matter where you turn, all that will greet you is spite and a sword to your throat.


Fluffy: maybe I should of picked up that book on parenting after all.