Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic





Dihydrogen monoxide is a meme i like


That chest hole bothered me so much i decided to try to fix it. The other option is to just have it be a v neck but im not that skilled


im tempted to make ridleyette but the only metroid game i played was this terrible spin off and bits of the nes version


New year kirbette and bandana deette


Queen K rool:…so i spent my years on my boat doing what i please because no laws can stop me. I became a software pirate and pirated minecraft-

Donkette: alright…

donkette: that doesnt explain why you just tied my hands together though.


Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)


I make incoherent donkey kong stuff and post it into a vauge void

anyway donkey kong is a feral animal, king k rool is a war criminal and funky kong is a tax evader





Now i have no excuse to build my alm


image image image
image image
All of these names are the best part of feh


I love the dresses where the skirt is a singular piece of decorated fabric


She’s a mythical hero (astra and attack) and uhhh her weapon id the same as her aunts but with a new effect along with the killer lance effect (uhhh also decreases opponent’s def) and what she has to say about that is “Mythical? Mythical!? im trying to establish myself as the new dk i dont have time to figure out being…mythical!”


@ChickenGirl wanna talk about arguably racist ‘funny’ youtube man


Tbh I’d prefer to never have to think about him ever but yah sure


Aight thanks and sorry

ok so…i’d be more ok with the t series thinng if t series was like returning the whole drama but like…they’re just doing their music thing? They’re not even responding? Like…why is the ‘funny’ youtube man even continuing at this point


Ikr I thought t series was like a rival gaming channel or something but I checked and they just do music? And all these 11 year olds on the internet are like “t series is r* tarded” bc that’s just how eleven year olds who watch p*wdiepie are


Yeah like i was kiiiinda into it(?) when i was unaware of what t series is but now im just <:/


And since arguably racist pie is so ingrained in the gamer community (not the gaming community as a whole i do not wanna be associated with him) i see mentions of beating t series and subbing to him almost all the time it bothers me just as much as the gamer girls making sandwiches


‘Nintendo confirms bowsette will not happen’
Bold of you to assume i stick to the nintendo games canon at all