Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



So wait, the ettes are from super Mario something, but what about uh, Camilla (??) and sword boy


Oh fire emblem!

Camilla is from fire emblem fates and sword boy (hríd) is from fire emblem heroes


Camilla fire emblem does have the flaw of being fanservice i do love her and think she has some potentional

I also may or may not ship her with another fave called frederic k who i cant properly say due to the backwards censoring on this site.


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Fjorm is Heterosexual And Proud!



if you were actually good i would only be mildly disgruntled but im just annoyed






Idk what to say just…h

can intsys buff leo or something please


The dance scene is kawasaki with some contacts, a new outfit and the super crown.


im not sure if i should make a new weapon or copy an idea already done


all i know is that shes probably hiding a banana in one of her sleeves


Chrom: hey dk!

Dk: ?

(Chrom just yeets the super crown on his head)
(That awakening s support music plays)

Chrom: will you take my hand in marriage?

Donkette: ???


Im just going to give her peach’s wagasa ((because laejarn has one) because she rushed to pick up a weapon.) and call it a day


in her damaged art (im not going to draw that) she’s trying to make sure the wagasa isnt damaged


theres a christianesque donkey kong theory that dk is the devil and theres a fanfic on it


Considering that dk’s only clothing is a tie i sure keep on forgetting it



bookmarked, favorited, this is the light of my life,


Aaaaaaaaahhh! Im glad you like it!

she may be strong but she also accidentaly took someone’s umbrella by mistake and is trying not to get it damaged and…i just love donkette so much idk whyy


Spirits meme because when i use the reccomended spirits option with food as an item i redo it again if theres this eevee because this eevee has peddeled lies and i did not enjoy lets go at all

Also chef kawasaki is :ok_hand: