PicCollage Hopscotch Collage CONTEST!


Hi guys! So, I have an app called Pic Collage where you can make collages. However, they have stickers and you can add them into it. Here is an example:

It's free, too, but there are in-app purchases. So, I'm having a contest! Make a collage based on Hopscotch, your favorite project, or one of the categories like trending and featured. Or make a collage that you think sums up your favorite Hopscotcher, maybe a best friend or someone you admire. I will need two judges and as many contestants as possible!



- @WinningMonkey
- @Sparkczy

These entries are due on July 4th by 12:00 PM!

My account on Pic Collage is ryanisdead if you'd like to get some inspiration or just whatever.


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Did you add global edit?

If not, I would like to join.


Thanks for reminding me, I just did that.


Hey, could I be a judge for the contest?


Sure, add yourself to the list.


I Made Mine @Sparkczy
Do I Post It Now


Yeah! Can't wait to see it.


It's About @Over_powered_wizard1


That's really cool! I love it!


Thnx! It's really cool


Did you have to uhh put the god thing up there? I get extremely uncomfortable with that stuff.


Thanks And I'm Glad Your Back :innocent:


Ai tried to tell u but I guess u just didn't get the @ tag cause it wasn't in the post I edited it in


@Sparkczy what are some of your favorite things and what is your favorite color?


Hey @Sparkczy, I think you should try adding a OMTL, (official mass tag list), if you need more contestants. :grinning:


I like music, art, flowers, and my favorite colors are blue and pastels.


I Have Followed Your Pic Collage Account
I'm WinningMonkey on There‚Äč:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: