Pic tip-adding custom frames



want to make an object that characters can go behind? like pet a doge by @Montoya? here you go!
PS:this is for subscribers only. sorry!
step one:open up a drawing app, and cover the screen with a single color.

step 2:make the backround invisible.

step 3:erase in the place you want to see your characters.

step 4:add decorations! this is optional.

step 5:save your image.

step 6:open hopscotch, and add in your image.

step 7:add this code.

remember that you may have to change the "set size" block.

and that's it!

add whatever you want now!


This is a really awesome tutorial!

What app is that?




Love this, thanks!
I'm probably getting a subscription​:smile:


Excellent work! Everyone should try this, there's so much you can do with a foreground layer, like have characters pop up in windows or from behind hills :slight_smile: