PIANOMAN's General Topic!


I guess you can ask questions and stuff about me and chat and stuff like that. :slight_smile:


How did you discover Hopscotch?
On a scale of 0-100, how much do you like pianos?


On the App Store, there was a column featuring coding apps, and I liked Hopscotch. I glad I did that.. And I like Pianos 100%


Reviving topic. Nobody lik meee?



Your probably gonna get way more replys than me.
I don't usually get that many replys on my topics.


You wanna chat, @lollypopcorn?


Okay :smile:

:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: random cookies lol


Um,Thank You they tasted like air.




I'm beginning to see why know body cares about my stuff


Any body wanna chat? Plz?


Oh my glob! NOOOOOBOOODY WANTS TO CHAT! I know I'm not popular but I want to talk!


ok here



Hope we can chat, @Refugeecat123!


What were we talking about again?sorry I forgotโ€‹:confused:


I gtg in like less then 30 mins
we were talking about famous hopscotchers I think


XD that's ok I think I remember


This is random, but do you know who Lindsey Stirling is?


but I gtg now oopsie
hopefully I will be back later


Plz be back soon, frenpai!


Well since wef2d is a girl I'm one of the only boy drawers on Hopscotch
im one of a kind