Pi day - today!


Hi fellow Hopscotchers,
Today is Pi day(3.14; March 14)
Should I make a project about Pie/Pi? Does anyone have any ideas?


I have no ideas for you, sorry!
Happy pi day!


Thanks! Maybe I'll make a pie simulator where each pie has a number of pi on it?


Make a pie out of trail art and above it make a message that says "Happy Pi Day!"


Great idea @JaggedJeans


Thanks! :smiley_cat:


Wait, lol that's what I did! :3


Lol XD



How about pi jokes like

Why was the math teacher so fat? Because he ate to much pi!


Its spelled too not 'to'



oh no! a missing object? They can be hard to find :confounded:

You can try editing the json file if you plug your ipad into your computer. I can help you do that if you'd like.


It's okay @Liza I think I know how to do it. Thank you anyway. If I don't get to do it today. I had a pretty cool project for pi day. Maybe I'll do it next year. I could always just start over


I changed my icon for PI!