Pi day to improve? Or I will allow to talk about pi day projects



So i made a pi day project it's just art but here's the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvb5qk2we
And here's a picture

it was for a contest sooo it's okay but anything that would be good for next years pi day?


Wait I saw a project that has something related to pi day does that give pi day projects with kinda low likes does that give all pi day projects a chance to get featured


Well, right now, 8 Pi projects are on featured (including mine-yay, thanks!). xD


Nice job I have never been featured


I just made a narwhal eating cake for pi day and it's adorable I'm about to post it! I REALLY hope it gets featured :blush: Also @RenegadeBird1 AWESOME Job on your project


Don't worry, you'll get there!! I think you're a great coder already!!! :D

@Wookie thanks! :3 I bet it looks great!


I bet It would! You are a great coder