Pi Announcement!



On March 14th, Pi day, I will be making a game/challenge about pi! Yay! Does anyone have any cool ideas?
Edit: Thanks to all my wonderful replies, I think I will start my game/presentation with a joke from @Huggingfluffybear. Then I will explain what pi is. But what should the game be? Do I need a game? Or should I do something else?

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One more day!


The meaning of pi incase younger kids don't know


Maybe you make a pi pie?


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Both great ideas! I will definitely do those! @Sparkczy @Paydent12
@Intellection74 that would be super cool to experiment with! Great idea!


How about I jokes such as

"Why was the math teacher so fat?"

"Becuse he ate to much pi!"


Thanks @Huggingfluffybear I am getting so many awesome replies!


No problem I do it all day everyday!

3. Something Something  Something. Something  Something  Something Something  Something Something  Something  Something  10 years later Something Something Something Something


Add links to xplainations!


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What do you mean?


To teach people about Pi!


Thanks!! That's funny. :joy:


Pi sounds delicious!!


Oh OK thanks! You can't really have people play a game about pi until they know what it is. :joy:


Maybe you should add a Pi-making game (it's for pie, but call it Pi) and definitely explain what Pi is (never learned).


Figure this out: √-1 8 Σ π & likd it.


The square of any rational number must have an answer, but the answer doesn't exist, so we use i


Σ= some it up or some


I ate some pie and I liked it


I would make a pie and fill it with digits of pi


My math teacher showed me this joke. :smile:

Anyway, do a Pi pen art


Oh my gosh that is so cute! :D
Just to keep it on topic—


This is just a WIP, so I need some suggestions on the color of the pie! :D
Also, @codingCupcake123 this is a nice topic! :wink: