Physics Sims and Stuff



This is my topic where I talk about my physics sims and stuff




Btw all of my physics sims are made in Hopscotch
I might make some in Scratch though


What should I add to the Slippery Sim?


I used to do scratch. It's not that exciting, though. But, they have more blocks and it's mobile and internet friendly. :D




Nothing really! It great, though I wish it would be... more... attached to the finger?
omgee, hopscotch says good morning.







More attached?
As in...?
And lol Hopscotch says Good Morning


Were you refering to Scratch being mobile friendly?


Scratch Jr.
Though I don't play scratch, so I don't know much. XD


When you drag a shape or character HS, it doesn't stay with the finger EXCATLY. Try it on your project.


It was purposeful. Your finger is supposed to be a point for the character to glide to.


Any other suggestions?
What should I make next (in terms of physics sims)?


You should make a drift sim! If you don't know how to I can help




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This is amazing! You could make it into an ice skating rink! :D