Physics Projects Of Mine


Hello everyone! I was wondering, do you think I am good at physics in Hopscotch? Here is poll.

  • Descent
  • Pretty Good
  • Good
  • Really Good



Link me to a project, and I'll rate! :sweat_smile:


Here is one of mine, Gravity Project.


:confused: it says it was removed from the community :frowning:


found an older version, yeah it's good


That's really cool! Maybe you should change the sliders rule so that when last touch x is bigger than sliders x position- change x by 50. :wink:


Thank you so much! Are you the one that voted for really good??? Because thank you! Plus thanks for the advice to @Kiwicute2015!


I can't remember. Maybe!


It's okay, but the ball twitches when it's coming down for the first half second.. 🤔