Physics Help for a Game



You forgot the x detection on the rule that changes the y velocity. Another thing I should add is that when you set the new position of ” ▆ you” it should now be ±26 instead of 25


I just realised that jeff3321 made a remix of my project and implemented gravity that works well. Thanks for all of your help, but I think I might use his version because this just really isn’t working, sorry. :confused:


Yeah, he’s great at colliding physics, his projects always seem so smooth. I’ll see how he did it.
No problem!


Hey @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE! I fixed the bugs!


Thanks! I really appreciate it, but I just found out that ‘jeff3321’ remixed my project with physics, and they are a bit smoother than you version. Thanks for fixing it though!


Yeah, Jeff is a master in physics!


Hello People! just a reminder, the project needs to be submitted by the 28th, so be ready to submit! (Hey btw you still need an enemy & weapon)


Oh wow… sheeesh. I am doing the inventory and other stuff. I forgot about that. Do you think I could just keep doing my game and not do the rest? I was kind of envisioning it as a kind of surviving/building game and I am a long way from finished. It was definitely inspired by the challenge though.


Oh yeah don’t worry. I’m not gonna enforce the rules! I’d love to see where it could turn out! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:




I am pretty happy with where I’m up to…


Woooooowwwwww. Uhmm. You can get a 20/20 on at least 2/6 things


Here we go!


(Too late though…)


No… It was just in time. (I also made a new version not part of the challenge.)