Photos to make characters, please write your opinion



**my idea is that we take a photo, clip it and then use it in our codes. For example lets say you wanted your dog to be your character, you take a photo of it, then you clip around the 'dog', then you can flip it or rotate it and use it as your character. If you want to carry on from this, please tag me @Trendygirl and I will take a look. @Liza **


@Trendygirl there have been discussions about this a lot, the reason why we haven't done that yet, is that people could take picture of inappropriate and private stuff (inappropriate Ex: like, a picture of something no one wants to see. Private Ex: picture of someone's a d d r e s s written down. But, we'll see. We"ll see. Try to look up your questions before asking. :wink:


maybe there could be picture filters so if someone tries to put anything rude, violent, or sharing information then they could cover it up and give the hopscotcher a "warning" message. do you like my idea? :smiley:


Yes, but that would take a LOT of coding