Photography Competition!



Ok! I’ll have my picture by tomorrow


Um…does a cool pic of a plane count? I can’t upload it right now, though. I took it in the car in June.


If it has clouds in the picture, it works!


thx girlie


Probably… it’s on a different device right now. But I think I caught the light in it, that cool hexagon-layer one. I’ll post it tomorrow.
I don’t think the clouds my dad painted on my bedroom ceiling 5 years ago (which he has yet to finish) would count. :joy:
Am I allowed to edit photos (e.g. tweak the lighting, crop it, etc.)?


Tweaking lighting and cropping is okay, yes, just no filters, drawings, or erasing of parts of images.


Can we change the theme? Where I live it is cloudy all the time right now. Cloudy, as in, one huuuuugggggeeeee cloud that covers the ENTIRE sky. Or I could just submit something old.


My entry


Yeah…here you go. You can kind of see a face in it.


Can I join? I have a cool cloud from this morning.




I think I’m gonna do the one with the plane that did not have a tree covering it. I took these in the car, actually. I mean, pickup truck. Then there was another photo I caught the light on, but it’s got my brother’s face in it, though, and it’s cloudless.

Also, @HorseLover347, you’re great at photography!


Sure! I’ll add you in now!




redoing my entry, i got this one today


That’s a cool picture you got there oi?


thanks :joy:


That’s so cool!!! Omg it looks like it’s on fire


Omg how did you all get these?! Tomorrow I promise I’ll get a picture


Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve just been busy studying for my school spelling bee (which I won!)


Great job! You have one week, by the way.