Photography Competition!



Well, others were interested in another Photography Contest, so here we go!
There will be three rounds. Points will be award each round depending on place. As long as you participate, you will gain points.
For the first contest, Take a photo of you favorite pet. If you don’t have a pet, find either another animal you like to photograph (such as someone else’s pet) or take a picture of your favorite stuffed animal!
This first round ends September 30th.
Note: I will remind people when there’s a week remaining and then the day before it ends.
@tankt2016 :white_check_mark:
@Hi_people :white_check_mark:
@cheeseperson :white_check_mark:
@HorseLover347 :white_check_mark:
@Ihasfluffycupcakes :white_check_mark:
@Legendary_myth :white_check_mark:
@background_inc :white_check_mark:
@Amulet_10 :white_check_mark:
Tankt = 15
Hi_People = 10
Cheeseperson = 5
HorseLover = 20
FluffyCupcakes = 5
Legendary = 5
Background = 5
Amulet = 5
AwesomeBoi = 0


add me in


I’m so excited! This will be awesome!


I’ll enter a picture of my puppy…


Aww… Your puppy’s so cute… :blush:


Thanks! His name is Hubble


This is a butterfly picture I took a little bit ago on my vacation on a phone. Is it ok if I took it from before? I can get a different picture.



This is a cool idea for a competition. Unfortunately, I am too busy to participate, but this is still awesome!


Of course! The photo can be taken anytime as long it is taken by you.


Can I join? Please please.


Here’s my photo:

Sorry but I want to make sure I’m not too late.


I try not to enter competitions.


Why not???Because you won’t complete them?


You’re welcome! That’s a lovely name. :slight_smile:


You have been added!


I love it! It’s beautiful!


Wow, I love how your picture shows bird’s eye view!


I love how that shows the cat from the corner because that’s one of the rules of photography (I forget the name of the rule though)


Thank you! My parents and sister were going to name him griffin but I wouldn’t let them!