Photo recreation using coded Pen/Trail



@t1_hopscotch @BB-Box @William04GamerA @AHappyCoder
I'll be posting photo's
like clouds,sunsets,moon and other photos that have different shades of color as their major feature.
Forum members can post pics using coded Pen to draw a copy of the images they upload..
You can also post a photo and encourage others to recreate your pic as well.

This is the first photo of a sunset

This is my recreation using Pen

Reply back if you are interested.


Did you use tynker?


I like using Tynker to draw as it's super fast.
It takes only 1 sec for the sun and red shades to be drawn with pen.
The brown clouds took half a second.




Wow, great job @Stradyvarious! It looks really cool


This is amazing! Maybe ill try my own


Great job! All the pictures recreated so far are super cool :thumbsup:


These are all so good! How long does it take you to code each one?


Judging by the Tynker blocks I know and Stradyvarius's experience, a fe who minutes. It would take me longer.


I'm interested, it sounds really cool and honestly my trail art needs improving anyway :joy:.


@William04GamerA Thanks.
@LollipopCat about 30 mins of time to do each.
@SummarianStudios I'd like to see what images you can reproduce with code.

The pic of the guy and his shadow is from a website.
I'm working on a recreation and will post it in about a week.
I'd like to see contributions from others on the forum that are good with realistic pixel/trail art.


@Stradyvarious I will be remaking this background


That's great :+1:🏻
I'm looking forward to seeing you creation.


@Stradyvarious mind if you posted some of your Tynker code? I am just curious to see how you recreated some of the different shapes.



This is awesome :smile: I love this. I'm really glad you made this (in fact I was also thinking of turning the other Monument Valley topic that I made into one where anyone can post art and try to recreate it, but this is here now yay)

And those recreations you did are amazing @Stradyvarious! I find myself usually looking at digital art and I realise it is because it is easier to identify shapes as they're simpler. I've never really thought about photos before :open_mouth: I would be really interested to hear about your thought processes too β€” how you split up the images to draw them, but only if you would like to :blush: β€” oh, I was curious about the code too and was just about to ask, but don't worry now!


I am really happy to see more of these.

I think I am going to try the dragonflies one that @SummarianStudios put :smiley:

I love how you approached the three photos you put and the effects in each (the soft fade/transitions in all of them especially), I can't think of any other ways to approach those :joy:


I actually ended up doing the candle instead of the dragonfly one; I think I was just intrigued by the parts of shading that you did @Stradyvarious :smiley: So those were the elements I did:

The red 'halo' is just made by drawing smaller circles on top of each other, transitioning from black to red (in RGB, it draws from 0 to 255 red), and the candle stick is the same, but starting from red at the top instead. I just think it was interesting to think about :relaxed: thanks a lot again Stradyvarious.

I did this without looking back, so it was just for fun from memory. Now looking back at yours, (I saw you made a GIF, that's awesome) I see there are really nice other parts like the flame and curved wick.


I really like your Red Candle trail art. :slight_smile:
You used the same method as me for the "Halo" effect.
Your transitions in shading looks better than what i coded.
My transitions are a little bit too quick. Your shading looks better as it stretches out further.
I can't wait to see more of coded trail art from you.
Perhaps you can upload a pic and make a trail recreation challenge to others.

i was thinking about the 'Cloth" pic that @SummarianStudios posted and how to code a textured 'Cloth" look, instead of just shades of colours. A grid pattern drawn over the top of the pen art at the end would only look like a grid. The grid would have to have slight curves in the horizontal and vertical lines.
I'll have a go trying to do this and see what happens.


:open_mouth: that is a really cool idea for the cloth effect!

And I will definitely post when I come across any ideas :thumbsup: (it tends to be spontaneous and random like the Monument Valley one)