Photo recognizer!



okay, I started making this about 2 hours ago, but it's so awesome that I just had to share it,

people on a computer:
on IPad (or other non-flash device):

note: non-flash is muuuuch slower, and doesn't have the extra stuffs on the side, sadly javascript doesn't have a "touching color' script, and phosphorus is independent from scratch, so it has to run it outside of javascript, and it is flash (using squeak, what scratch uses now) that has the touching color script, any way, this is pretty much an automatic pixel art, but it moves slowly.... really slowly on iPads, but it does run, and it's a scratch project, it even runs without a separate keyboard, as, again, it's automatic, anyway, pixel art=hopscotch, le project=pizel art maker... it relates

(also I'm just really exited that I can make pixel art now)


On iPad I agree it's just a grief face!


Wait you have scratch?? I do too!!! Except I love hopscotch much more!!
I'm zemene123 on there


It shows a troll face...


Lol I know it's pretty funny


touching color on phosphorus! (chase music) faster than a speeding bullet! faster than a fat guy running for a donut! faster than... a snail going to do homework? yeah it's pretty slow on phosphorus due to the giant check if blocks, and 12 of them firing in sequence for 16 pixels (1 dot) to be drawn... it's honestly still faster than I had hopes xD

completed image to be posted soon... or 2 hours from now when it fully loads xD