Phosphenes Pad 0.1



Continuing the discussion from Phosphenes Pad 0.1! (Collab?!):
For ONLY @PopTart0219 @OrangeScent1 and @Crazy_Crawfish (you can still comment)
Here we will discuss what the pad will be like if we need to. I think we will talk mostly over email.


Meh has no Hopscotch email but I did publish the "for LP " project :wink:


Meh can u link "For LP" project to me :wink:



Ah, I like the layout! I was thinking like this:

But I think we can edit it to make it right!


Just ideas! That looks great!


Color wheel sounds a bit... Laggy? But I love the brushes idea!


I thought so too. Yeah, I think we should do tabs though. Like, red tab, click, shades of red & pink!