Phosphenes Pad 0.1! (Collab?!)



It is an email used solely for Hopscotch. If you have a personal email, do NOT share it


An email made for collabs on hopscotch


Give out your personal email!


Aw snap 20 seconds ahead of me


Oh, thank you. I just wanted to know because I wanted to join the collab.


Thx gurl :stuck_out_tongue:
IT IS 6:59!!


Okay! I has chosen.
I will be emailing you what we will work on! If you have google hangouts, we could talk there.

Phosphenes Pad 0.1

Dang ok that was fast XD
Uh idk about Google Hangouts I'll see if I can


k also you need to add me to your circles lol


I can't do google hangouts :stuck_out_tongue:
And I'll add ya


K I added you I think maybe


I can't do google hangouts, tag me here, or remix a project. Thanks for including me tho!


Actually sorry but I'm going to pull out. I just don't have the time...Hope you understand!


Aw, that's really saddening! It's okay. I understand :wink:


Well that escalated and deescalated quickly


I know I am late but can I help , I started a collab with PolarBear but She /he still haven't finished it but it is going well my non-personal email is GigglingJellybean , I don't know if my non-personal email will show up or not (does it matter in what country I live in?)
Hopscotch username is GigglingJellybean , my best project is my draw pad (in my opinion)


It was awesome to be chosen. Have fun and good luck!



Have you done a collab before? Yes!

Can you share your email with me?
What is your best project? (Link, please!)


Or :

Hopscotch username?

Just answer those questions and I'll decide by 7:00 today. That's...
Eastern: 7:00 PM
Western: 5:00 PM
Central: 6:00 PM


Did I get in? Am I still aloud to join :frowning:


Can I join in place of @Crazy_Crawfish


I'm sorry, I have already chosen!! Maybe we can do another one!