Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney [] Collab



Hey guys. I recently got back into Ace Attorney, a game where you play as a defense attorney named Pheonix Wright and defend clients from the claims of different prosecutors. If you wish to contribute, please make sure you understand the way the Courtroom works in Pheonix Wright. It is a bit different from all of the different real life systems. If you have not played the game, I recommend playing the one on the app store. You can get to play 1-2 episodes for free, depending on which of the two you download. Dual Destinies or Original.

Jobs to Fill

Turnabout Writers: These people will script the episodes that the player plays through.
Trail and/or Shape Artist : There people design the courtroom, people, and everything that we neeed artwork for.
Music : These people will recreate music from the Ace Attorney Series.
General Programmers : They help with general programming and debugging.

We will not create a shared account, that is easily hacked and anyone can sabotage from the inside. We will simpy share drafts.

Application Form
HS Username :
Have you ever played through an Ace Attorney game?
Do you understand the way trials work in Pheonix Wright?
What role are you applying for?
For Shape or Trail Artists Only; Example of Art
For General Code: Any project you have made so I can see how skilled you are.
For Turnabout Scripter: Any idea for a script? (No need to go into full details, just a basic Idea)
For Music : Example of music peice.


Nothing yet.