Phasez Point System



Don't worry guys, this will be a fair point system. So every time I see someone doing something kind, helpful, or anything that is good to the forum I will give you points. But you guys have to join first. This is going to be for educational purposes for me. I am going to make sure everyone is going to be nice but if I see someone doing something that is wrong, I will give you 1 warning. Once you get to 5 warnings you will get a suspension. But if you get 3 suspensions you will get kicked. But if you really don't want to go then be nice do what is good for you me. So lets get started! Reply "Let the Phasez begin" in bellow to join in the point system. You can buy drafts from me.


Drafts For Sale


Bananas, jk. You can buy drafts from me.


Do you want to join?


Thanks for the invitation, but I'm not really interested in buying your drafts ^.^ I'd prefer to make my one. Thanks again though!


I have lots good physics based projects.


Oh I'm sure you do, your a great coder! But I think it would be more helpful to my growth of coding if I made my own projects.


Good idea @Malie! I was just seeing if I could lure you in.


Ah, well you we're pretty close to getting me XD


Let the Phasez begin!
This seems pretty cool!