Phasez (New company!)



I am ditching Phase Studios and making a new company! It is going to be called Phasez! This is not a joke of Faze Clan! This is going to be VERY serious! Just tell me what you are good at and what you can do. Please tell me your specialties! It will be very helpful for me to figure out the status of you. Also tell me why you want to join please!

Thank you!


Im good with random tune music .I would just like to help the company out And
Add the wonderful world of music to projects.I can code pretty good star wars currently thinking of making omf.g hello. My new qoute is im in it to code it!


I would like to help the company I'm good at making 3D figures and games.


I need more information please! Thank you!
@Silver_girl and @Sugarisyummy, I need about a paragraph from you Hopscotchers!


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Yeah I edited again naming the song no period it would be blocked


I'm a girl who likes to make things. I love to help and make people happy! I love art especially 3D art! And making all types of make your own... Games!


@Phase_Admin I'm very good at text art and I want to join


Yeah its just the song I know it has a pretty bad name


Oh ok sorry I didn't understand


Here so I don't cuss


Im good at noscoping and doing 360 quick scope. PhaseBilly


Please actually state your skills and don't be off topic.