Phasez Inc. (Company)



Would be nice, actually! Maybe we could get some ad revenue :smiley:

My question exactly!


Yes we might charge money. I just need permission from my parents. We are going to use ClickTeam, it requires no typing! At least of what I know of. I am going to let @StradyVarious help us out if he/she wants to do this.


Yeah i might get ceilfire.
It looked interesting when i checked it out.


It runs through the browser so no downloads need to be installed.


As in a ceilfire account, maybe.


Am why did you invite me?


I've got a Q

can I join? I started in October but ...

I was in this "extension" coding group with a teacher and we made computer games and published it so I have a good experience !

BTW. I think we should make websites on weebly and promote it!


That is a great idea, can you make money with ads or something?


jokes aside, why do we have to join before agust 6th?


Because I trust them. They are used to the forums and good at communicating.


Okay...shur. I mean I have as far as apps I don't know how to use there are
Swift Playgrounds
X Code

lol We might be able to use unity tho...or X Code for app store games


I am leaving tomorrow. So @StradyVarious you can control it until I am back.


Hai...Must set this to watching XD

Uh...I joined Aug 7 ;-;

Nevermind then XD

I wanna learn Swift and unity :0
And make ios games :D


You joined August 6th tho XD


No Aug 7 XD
Read my profile XD


What are you saying smol chakin XD


look my chakin mother


Are you there?
Can you get started making a website.


What is the name?
Fade Inc?
Light Beam
Shine Inc
Phase Inc

I've figured out how to makde 3d objects with Tynker
This is just a wire frame at the moment.
Will mention this at a later date to hopefully embed a game to a website @Phase_Admin makes.


Do you have a domain @StradyVarious?
What do you want the name to be of the website?