Phasez Inc. (Company)



This will be my second to last post on the forums. I am making a real unoffical company. Who ever wants to join has to have been on the forums since August 6 2015 or before that. I am sorry that I am limiting to that it is just that those are people that I can trust.I may accept other people. So I am inviting my best buddies into the real world. This is coding related.
Also @Liza or @Rodrigo for support and advice giving.


I'm confused... (20 Characters)


You are invited to a company that is going to code in and out of Hopscotch.


Cool? I'm a pretty terrible coder, considering the fact that I don't have access to a computer :T


So you can't do this? It is okay if you can't. You can participate in the Hopscotch projects if you can.


Yeah, I can't. I might be able to do the hopscotch ones, but pretty much all the collabs have failed.


Your projects are great, I really like them. That is why I selected you.


I agree :D


Can you do the computer ones @Rawrbear?


@rawrbear too ;)


No problem, you seriously deserved those game changers :D

@Phase_Admin, what program?


Whatever we can find. Probably one of the ones that @Stradyvarious uses.


That works! I can only get the demo of Clickteam though :P


HUH?????????? what are you talking about


Hey guys. I know how to do javascript. Sorry if im off topic


You mean the free version?


Cool! I'll learn JS after CSS :D

@Phase_Admin, yep!

I just remembered that my computer is broken! Dang :stuck_out_tongue:


That makes since becuase you weren't on steam.


Are you gonna charge money for it? What type of coding are you planning to do?


I'm not sure I can do this, it's a bit hard to get coding things (or any things ._.) on my computer, even my parents have difficulty with changing settings and files.