Phase Studios (Phase Admin®) Q&A!



Oh right lol, question for @Phase_Studios: what's your favorite fruit?


My favorite fruit is banana's! (NO LIE!)


It is awesome to work here! I'm very happy to read this. We'll be waiting for you to become a great software engineer.


Do you want to
a. Eat a chair after flying through the universe on an envelope
B. Trip the queen because she forgot to drive a pencil through Germany


@Rodrigo, what kind of coding programs do you use for Hopscotch?


I would want to do B, it would look funny! I don't have queen! I live in da U.S.A.!


C+ and html and maybe a bit of JavaScript according to my scorces...


Actually, I'm a designer at Hopscotch. So that means that almost every time a new icon, color, order or visual decision appears at the app, it was because of me :stuck_out_tongue: and of course, all the team and other designers at the team.

I know how to program in Ruby on Rails (which is a tool that we use) and how to do HTML/CSS but I haven't had the opportunity of do it at Hopscotch. The engineers that work here are way more capable than me and they do magic tricks with code that I can't even understand. The core of the app is done in Swift, which is the iOS language.

I've had the opportunity to change something in the website actually, but that's it. Most of my work is design and I love it :slightly_smiling:


Anyone else that wants to ask me any questions???????!!!!!!!!!!


There is a new project on featured. It is a project by MagmaPOP. The thumbnail is just coming up as bird, and the title is: "I can't name this". Do you enter it to see what it is, or do you figure it's just a small project that isn't exciting and got featured by popularity?


Can you post link, I am most of the time on a computer! Sorry for da hassle! MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!!!


@Phase_Studios huh? 20202020202020202020(I think this is enough characters)


Give me the link to the project, I am on a computer right now.


@Phase_Studios what project?!?


The project that you told me about @Hoppertoscotch, the MagmaPOP one.


@Phase_Studios wow.....I hope this is a joke.....
THAT IS A QUESTION!!!! THERE ISN'T ACTUALLY ONE!!! (As far as I know :joy:)

I DIDN'T MEAN THAT THERE WAS A PROJECT I WANTED YOU TO CHECK OUT!!!! IT'S A QUESTION!!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well.... IT WASN'T A JOKE!!!!! I am laughing my but.t off! I enter to see what it is......... I LIKE TRAINS! Some random person gets hit by a train and gets killed. (ASDF reference)


Cool I want to be one when I grow up!
Now I got a wish about what I want to be in the future!(we just started planning what we want to do when we grow up at school!)


Very very very happy to hear (or read) this! So you want to be a designer or a programmer? In fact, these days, you can be both!

All good Hopscotchers are a little bit of both: designing the interactions, choosing the right colors, instructions and dimensions to explain a game works and how it should be played and, of course, programming all the logic.

Are you inclined to one of both?


I am learning Objective-C right now at the moment! I want to be both. Does the Hopscotch Team only have 9 people in it? I wish I was older so I could be at the The Hopscotch HQ right now. That would be amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!