Phase Studios(Just Information)



Welcome to the post! Most members have been cleared because I thought it was too much for me to handle! So this a WHOLE entire new one. I still have the ones that I REALLY like and appreciate. So please consider the following and NO ONE else can join. I am sorry, but I am just REALLY worn out when the hacker got into the account and said some stuff that is NOT appropriate at all for Hopscotch and all of us peoples! I will rarely invite people to be in it if I really want them, their is no asking.


Leader= Owner(s) of Company
Co-Leader= Secondary Owner And A Person that I can trust and that is amazing and is my close HS friend!
Alpha= I trust the people and that they have AMAZING projects that I love
Betas= People that I trust to partially handle some stuff
Members= People that are the lowest ranking and have no power but can make and have ideas for projects


@Kiwicute2016 is now in!




Why was this closed?


A deleted post.


I already said that but then I deleted that! Please close it @PopTart0219. It is okay! Also, @PopTart0219, @SmileyAlyssa, and @CreativeCoder can you please delete your posts for me?



I would love to join, but chances are, I won't be on the account much :confounded:. I can try to help anytime though!!