Phase Studios-I CAN'T EDIT THIS



Welcome to the post! Most members have been cleared because I thought it was too much for me to handle! So this a WHOLE entire new one. I still have the ones that I REALLY like and appreciate. So please consider the following and NO ONE else can join. I am sorry, but I am just REALLY worn out when the hacker got into the account and said some stuff that is NOT appropriate at all.



Leader= Owner of Company
Co-Leader= Secondary Owner
Alpha= I trust the people and that they have AMAZING projects that I love
Betas= People that I trust to partially handle some stuff
Members= People that are the lowest ranking and have no power but can make and have ideas for projects.


So..I'm confused. You don't want anyone else to join, but you have a sign-up template...?

Edit: There ya go


Whoops! I just did it! Where you in it already?


Nope. Just curious.

Edit (again): So...I'm in now I guess, @Phase_Studios?


Can be a member (I have some ideas plus I can help with story writing...)oe can I just help with code...


@Phase_Studios I don't know if I'm a member now or if that was a typo...if it wasn't a typo can you please PM me the log-in stuff on the MK38C forum?


Could I leave? Sorry I just do so much stuff!


@Phase_Studios I haven't got any info about the account, is that okay? :wink: :smiley:


I'm glad to see Phase Company is here again :wink:

What should we work on?


It is okay!


If @rawrberar leaves can I be co leader?


He is going to stay, I know that.


@Phase_Studios ^ ...?


@Phase_Studios just asking are we still using the account we have been always using or are we using a different one?


You are in! I wanted you to be in because you are awesome and kind just like @Rawrbear!!!!!!!!


I will make a new one later. I have to go REALLY soon.


Oh ok. Bye! 20202020202020


Please remove me from Phase Studios and @Rawrbear mk38c.
If you wish to contact me about anything you can do so on Scratch.
This is my last forum post.
Because we are friends @Phase_Studios I won't reply with anger to your list as I would if anyone else did this.

MK38C new topic

I am sorry but, can you read the title of the topic to remind?


I was only going to give ideas and help with writing...