Phase Studios® CLOSED



Do not even feel like trying to get in!!!!!!!!!


I can do all and I was in the last time!


Sorry my name was on there @Phase_Studios


OK. I'm on. You can tell me the login.


I think the best most secure way is going into send me, and filling that out like I did one time @Phase_Studios, (half the idea came from @Stradyvarious, and the other half of idea came from @Rawrbear).


I can do all but the last :wink: Could I still join, though?


Of course! I (Phase Admin®) announces that @PopTart0219, is the Alpha of Phase Studios®. I a. The leader and @Rawrbear is the co-leader.


You forgot me! I joined!


Oh never mind, you added me : )


Nothing much was done last time.
After I made the body and holes for the objects on the operation game about 4 emojis were added by others over a few weeks.
If you want to send me any private message you have my email.


When do we have to get those done?


I made a scrollable website before, but it's very hard for me to do. I made a complex HSB drawing pad with a hide and u hide so you have more space for your picture. I made fruit ninja before, but I have no idea what you mean by gravity. I'd love to join, man, but I can't always do this stuff. I might be done by Monday or Tuesday with this stuff.


@Phase_Studios i'll be on tomorrow and I can do everything and maybe the last one...


You are already in @SnowGirl_Studios! LOL, you forgot!


oh yeah lol
im tired and not paying attention lol well
Nighty Nighty @everyone and @Phase_Studios
I wish that if you put @everyone it would @ everyone lol
Night!! :zzz:


That would be a good idea @SnowGirl_Studios!


@Phase_Studios you know that the discription of me bets is offensive!


What do you mean @Hermione?


Like if you say the lowest level some people might think they are not good and same for no power to you didn't hart mine but yeah.......


Nooooo, I meant that you members have the least power of the Company!!!! You can make better projects to get a better rank, but @Rawrbear will be in charge of Phase Studios® for while because I won't be on for a month or 2. If you saw my latest post you will know more info about it.