Phase Studios(Bringimg the old days back)


Hey guys! Itsa Phase Admin here.... know all the new comers know what my name means now. Here is the info:

Welcome to the post! Most members have been cleared because I thought it was too much for me to handle! So this a WHOLE entire new one. I still have the ones that I REALLY like and appreciate. So please consider the following and NO ONE else can join. I am sorry, but I am just REALLY worn out when the hacker got into the account and said some stuff that is NOT appropriate at all for Hopscotch and all of us peoples!


No one else can join, I am sorry.


A bunch of people quit thiugh dude I'm sorry


Wait why am I a leader am I special or something lol


Yep. Ur special.................................


Many of the members in your group are inactive, plus why make a new topic if nobody can join?


@Rawrbear, @KayKay, @CreativeCoder, @PopTart0219, @Stradyvarious, @t1_hopscotch, and @Gabe_N, want to make something kool?


Ok i join thanks for adding me frenpai


I would suggest an animated gif competition using Piskelapp.

Where we have to make our own animated gifs/sprites.
So what does everyone else think?
@Phase_Admin @Rawrbear @KayKay @CreativeCoder @Hermione


I don't have that app and I used to have this app where I could make pixelated gifs but I didn't know how to use it


Could I use Aseprite?


Yeah sure!
What will we make?


Why am I just a member, I've been working with you for over a year and you still don't trust me?
If this is not the reason in understand
And can I be a coder/beta tester because I know all about those


@Rawrbear can you tag the members and make an animated gif challenge.
Can the challenge be to make a funny advertisement for a product.
The gif can run at a max time limit of 5 seconds.
All art must be original. No copying images