Phase Company Report



Thanks to this random guy that hacked us lately we have to (if you forget) go to our website go onto the "send me" page and send an email to @Phase_Studios to get the password & username. Always state your username so he knows.


Ahh, a more secure way! I would like, but I ran out of likes, so here :heart:


Way better & Secure way! :slightly_smiling:


Is Phase company still going after the hack? @Phase_Studios @Rawrbear @Stradyvarious..


Read my other post :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


are you guys sure you didnt make this up? did one of you guys do it? im not pointing fingers but do you guys personally know each other in real life? if not its a prank. Also, your site is really insecure, get some security programs for your website because I got in without effort. It may be because im good at it but seriusly dont asume your safe. Exept do asume your safe on hopscotch because there is 0 things wrong with the code. no hackers have used any methods to get passwords, no spyware, maliware, or trojans. nothing is wrong with hopscotchs security, (exept it doesnt have any) but other than that no one has hacked hopscotch to get into other peoples accounts.


It's just insecure. :wink:


passwords are, and hopscotch, but not the ipad, and the software you need for it. Costs big $$$, some peoples passwords are simple wich is the cause of them getting ""hacked"" its not hacking, its called looking it up. dont share these things if you dont want people to be you.


Ok... How is our website insecure? Can you see emails of people that have posted? If you can tell me mine...


no, It was made using a simple tool, which makes it really easy to get into. What did you guys use to make it? Did you use google scripts?

#11 that's what we used


but it was still a build your own type of website am i correct?


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the 1 is actually dead from our last raid. its really 1500. But Jammie will be remembered in our hearts


lol :slightly_smiling: remember Jammie rofl


Who is that?????@chickenlord1501


its hard when you dont have enough grain for your people. constantly attacking other countries for just the bare minimum


one of my 1501 chicken soldiers






A chicken that died so now it's 1500 not 1501