Phase Company (no more room)



Oh, ok. @CutiesCuties, I can give it back to you, and @Glitter_Kitty, I can do the time difference for you and me.


Ok! Are we still going to do that logo thing, or are we going to do something else?


@Phase_Studios you don't need to tell me the password again, I just figured it out!


Ok, our logo could be a P that is Yellow with a background of black? I like that, you can tell me what you would like it to be @Glitter_Kitty and @CutiesCuties.


Since you both peoples are regulars I am going make a different topic so we don't spam all of the members and below, it is going to be a catorgy of the Lounge.


Continuing the discussion from Phase CompanyBlah:


Thank you @Phase_Studios !
BTW im in South Australia.... GMT+10:30 time, oh and also I can't get onto the other place where you guys are talking... Can you invite me?


Sorry, I forgot that you not a regular in the badges. Let's just keep it here.


Thank you @Phase_Studios! I'll try and get up there!


Would this be good for our logo @Isaacwotwot.


Very good! would you like me to make that?


Yes I would like you to do that @Isaacwotwot!


Thank you! I'll start it now..... I imagine you would like me to do it on Hopscotch....


Yes, can you make it on Hopscotch @Isaacwotwot?


Like this?


This is great! But it is supposed to be, PHASE COMPANY, Phase Studios was a miss print.


Ok I'll change that to phase Company.
Do you want it with () at the end?


Then publish it to Phase Admin®, what is your Hopscotch username?


My Hopscotch name is the same as almost everything I go on..... Isaacwotwot.


Does it have a smile emoji on the end of it? Publish it.