Phase Company (no more room)



If you want to be part of my club, you need to be able to make a scrollable website, fuzzy draw, and be able to make a complex drawing pad. Tell me on the forum if you can do that, if you can I will say your forum name and say accepted, once that is done, I will give you the username and password, then you should write it done, then I will delete the post.

EDIT: And you have yo be able to make a Fruit Ninja Game.

To the hopscotch team awesome Collab idea for update!
Geometry Dash Phase Studios collaboration: Gabe_N and Rawrbear
Phase Company Members- may be more members missing

I can do all of the above!


Ok good @Glitter_Kitty, are you on?


Yep I am on! Must be longer.


@Glitter_Kitty Password and User name: ***************, tell me when you got it.


Ok thank you! Must be longer.


@Glitter_Kitty sign in on Hopscotch.


Ok I am signed in. 20 characters


Can you see a new project that says: Hi Glitter Kitty


Yep! At least 20 characters


@Glitter_Kitty Can you write back to me on it?


@Glitter_Kitty, are you on, can you write back on the Untitled project?


I just replied. Sorry I got busy. Now I am on though.


Can I join? I could do all of the above, it's just that I did not publish any of them yet.


@CutiesCuties, I need you to be on the Hopscotch forum.


Sorry, but I needed to sleep.


What time zone are you in @CutiesCuties?


What Time Zone are you in @CutiesCuties?


@CutiesCuties the username and password is: ------------


Got it! Thanks A lot!