Phase Company Members- may be more members missing



This is just a post that shows all the members in Phase Company (Phase Studios)
Members: Phase Company = @Isaacwotwot, @Phase_Studios, @Hermione, @Puppies, @Stradyvarious, @JonnyGamer , @t1_hopscotch, @TrevCoding, @Gabe_N @Hoppertoscotch, @Awesomeness, @AHappyCoder, @SASSYSINGER , @CutiesCuties, @KathrynJaneway, @JaszyKake, @Rawrbear @LotsaPizza, @GiraffeProductions and @Glitter_Kitty.



I still don't know how I'm a part of this. I don't seem to fit in.


Just be more social, you'll fit in! :smile:


@Rawrbear I dunno...


So this is the new post


Hermione you forgot me


Oops sorry, there's so many people now it's hard to keep track! Uptaded it now!


This is a post saying who's in Phase Company.


You do fit in! Everyone does! Don't feel ashamed.... Please....


@Isaacwotwot well then someone needs to find something I can do to help


You can help with the Operation game and the Twister game we are working on! :smile:


@Rawrbear how? What can I do to help? I'm really bad at coding compared to everyone else.


Oh.. Give suggestions! Everyone loves those! Test out the game and suggest new features! :smile:


OH ok I guess il change the post name to something different


I'm not that good at coding as everyone else but I'm having a go! That's one of the things Phase Company is all about! :slightly_smiling: don't worry! I've got an idea! You could Malr funny titles in the twister game! (I did one to show you things you could write... Try to make them funnyer!)


What is the Phase Studios account? It didn't show up for me.


@Gabe_N the account that you gave me to use didn't work. :cold_sweat:


Please can you put ----- ----- after the person who you want to read it to, reads the username & password? It will protect hackers off the account


Is Phase company still going after the hack? @Phase_Studios @Rawrbear @Stradyvarious..


i'm focusing more on Scratch. After forum users heard i'm 18, ppl on here have been very anti social.
ppl on scratch seem more friendly than most hopscotch users