Pfp Prompt Challenge!


Before we begin, I would like to say This is HS related, and you will soon see why Please don't overflow me with concerns like that, Thank you

So, I just suddenly came up with an idea I think is pretty cool! So, I challenge you to change your pfp, for one day. To what exactly? A coded picture, or drawing, of this prompt! (You will soon see below!) I thought it was a very cool idea, and I might do a new prompt once a month! So tell me if you want to b alerted when a new one comes out! :smiley:


Gender-Female(Mainly because it's easier to draw)
Hair Color-Light Brown
Style-Pixie Cut
Shirt-Indigo, with uh... a necklace with a star on it.
Only do top half!

Hope you do, and enjoy this challenge! Feel free, to make your own prompts!
: D This is HS related, because you can code it! (Also it's a forum challenge!)


This is a cool idea! Give me a few minutes and then I will show you!


Thanks! I can't wait;P


So should I draw that person you described?


Yep!or code, or anything else!


Should I title it something specific?


Uh? You don't need a title..


Ooooooh I seeeeeee. I take a picture of the drawing I make... and does pfp stand for profile picture?


Mmmhmmmn just change it for a day


Sounds great! I'll go draw it now.