Pew Pew Social media app



Welcome to PEW PEW! I've just come up with this idea of a social media topic in the forum, like the rest of them. Basically you can post updates, like, and comment on other's posts. You can post project updates, drawings, but you have to pretend you're on social media, and make up a username and stuff like that. I was really bored, so I made this.
The name was generated randomly.
So far, here's the app icon:
For followers, just add your name below to who you want to follow! They'll tag you everytime they post something they want you to see!

Snoopy's Followers:

Candycanes followers:

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Can I help you moderate this app


#lol #goals!
Just wanna say all you Hopscotchers are awesome! :heart:


Tb to summer :sunny:


Sure, Sweetlina! :D


Thank you!


beach pic :grin:
Lol, no this isn't me.
To make this coding related, how could you make the "glowing" of the sun if we were to code this?


My username is uh...
Let's keep it like that maybe...?
Or friendship2468


This is awesome! Would you mind if I made my own one?


That's such a cool pic :heart_eyes:

I would probably use trails, with different shades of red orange and yellow :DDD


You can make one! You can make it without giving me credit! I got this idea from others!
New Post:
guys, I've just made the app icon! comment down below! :heart:


1) Smooth background: grey on top, orange on bottom
2) Clone a 98% invisible circle over and over again, increasing the size with each clone, and making all of the circles whitish yellow.
3) Orangish Leave-A-Trail's for clouds


How would we incorporate "followers" in this topic?


That's a really good idea. But, if we were to make it realistic, the water shading would be really hard!


I don't know but I didn't ask dude


I just made it possible for followers! :D
You can use my idea if you want.


Thank you so much :D


Yeah, that's true.

You could try repeated dashes of tapered horizantal trails, overlapping each other. One group of objects would shade the orange-grey, another would shade the black-blue-grey.

(Now I really want to code this, gah!)
(Minus the person, I'm most definitely not coding the person's shape)


You can code it if you want! I'd really like to see it.
Do you know those "HSB" color wheels? You could use the gradients from that for a really smooth shading.


How do we incorporate followers